Bridgeville, PA

We arrived at Bridgevilla, PA at 7:30pm to grab some dinner and spend the night at Marie’s friend Doug’s place. First order of business was to get dinner. We got a lead on a nice place that had live music, so we headed over there. The place was called Cefalo’s, and when we walked in, I was so excited. It’s an old converted church, complete with stained glass windows. Inside, it’s a retro-1940’s night club. A three piece jazz ensemble was playing, and it sounded so nice. It was exactly the kind of place I was looking for. And then we asked for a table, and they said that they weren’t going to be able to serve us dinner until 9:30pm because they had a banquet going on and the kitchen was really backed up. I was so disappointed. Next time I’m in town, I must check this place out.

We ended up at Texas Roadhouse. They had their grand opening this week. I’m pretty sure I’ve been to one before, but I don’t ever recall the staff occasionally taking a break to do a big country line dance. Maybe I haven’t been to one. The food was great, but the beer selection was appalling. They did offer Yuengling, which I ordered, and they said the kegs weren’t cold yet so they wouldn’t serve it. How can you have a steak place that doesn’t serve good beer?

On the way out, both of my kids received many compliments (“so cute!”), both from staff and other guests. They gave our kids these cowboy hats as we left.

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