Hey, journal. It’s me, Marie, and you will be hearing from me a lot over the next 3 weeks. Well, I finished my first real day of doggy training today. I did not do too much physical labor, but it was very mentally and emotionally draining. I awoke earlier than I usually do, because the training began at 10, which is my usual wake up time. Oh well!I thought this day was never going to get here.

First, I needed to change the people were going to host, because my kitty is not hypo-allergenic. Then, we had trouble finding the clicker video, but I was able to complete all the homework assignments. And then, the Tuesday before this began, I heard that Showbo, my beautiful service poodle, may have a rare poodle skin disease. Tuesday was an extremely rough day, and I made a bunch of prayer requests for Showbo, and we should get the results this week. Lastly, my husband and I heard the news that the new family that was going to be staying here had a death in the family, which came immediately when they arrived. That was a major bummer also, and I need to make other transportation arrangements. Canine Partners is understanding and willing to work with me, though.

My goal is similar as it was a year and a half ago, but I really am looking forward to Showbo’s services to me. My MS is currently in remission, praise God, but Showbo will be able to help me in such a way that I can save my physical strength.

I usually have no fear, but the thought of Showbo possibly having a disease that will hinder her as a service dog, is my main concern. She needs our prayers, journal!

Well, I will talk to you tomorrow. Bye.


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