Only 1 more Thursday, 1 more Friday and 1 more Saturday to go before graduation. I cannot believe it. I thought graduation day would never get here!

Well, after a very short night, Showbo and I performed our daily morning routine, and we arrived to CPL with plenty of time to spare. Kelly is such a good driver. Following another time of journal sharing, we practiced commands with our dogs. Showbo had no problems doing everything except the last command before lunch. She needed to be in a down position across the width of the training barn, away from me. During the down time, the leaders made total chaotic noises for the dogs, trying to distract them. These noises drove me crazy, I could no longer take it, and I think Showbo knew it. She ignored the down stay a million times, each time running to my side. I had to correct her all million times, but I really wanted to get out of there. Darleen said Showbo knew that today was not a good day for me after the incident last night, but I think that may only be part of the reason of her behavior. Showbo knew exactly how I truly felt.

Lunch was awesome today! The family provided an intense Mexican meal, including Mexican sweet bread for dessert. Yummy!

Darleen allowed me to rest in the office for a little while after lunch, because of my recent head trauma. Then, it was time for me and Showbo’s first bath. Not only did I need to bathe Showbo, but I had directions to check her anal glands and ears. How exciting! Actually, since she is a poodle, I needed to brush and detangle her before the cleaning began, and I had to use conditioner on her. Hopefully, there will be no knots when I brush her later tonight. She also had her nails clipped, by a trainer, and David will get a turn at this nail thing soon enough. He can run, but he cannot hide.J

The princess is currently out of her harness, because I must wait until she is completely dry before I put it back on her. What a beauty she is, like her mother! Just kidding.

There is probably going to be a large amount of times when Showbo gets bored with me, for example, while I am typing these journal entries or talking on the phone. During some of these times, Showbo may sleep at my feet, but other times may go differently. One should always try to keep the dog busy, especially in close quarters. I do not ever want to have a destructive dog in my presence. A few ways to give distractions to the dog may include giving it a chew

Toy, talking to the dog or maybe giving it a small task to perform. I know that while I am on the phone or watching TV, I can brush my dog or play with her.

Well, I am now done writing for tonight, so until tomorrow…

Please pray for no injuries tomorrow, as we are taking the train to the city.

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