Holy Land Experience

Today, the family went to the Holy Land Experience. It was, well, Holy. I don’t know that I would recommend it for kids, though.

Not any fault of the Holy Land Experience, I guess, but the first thing we did was go to a kid’s show. While waiting, there was a video playing of some kids Christian TV channel. We got to learn about being touched in inappropriate places, and how if somebody touches you in the same place that your bathing suit touches you, that’s bad. But anywhere else – that’s good! Right after that, we got to learn about drugs that are good an bad. In case you didn’t know, cocaine and heroine are bad. “Jesus” then walked in and was a bit surprised himself about what they were showing, turned it off, and said that he “agrees with everything they said.” Was a very strange beginning to the day. At least the kids show was very good. Domino was awesome. She shouted out tons of answers, tons of questions, and really did a great job participating. That was awesome.

Later on, we went to see a play. They run plays all day. The one we chose was “Forgiven – Three Biblical Heros restored & redeemed.” Two of the three stories were about women who cheated on their husbands (or men who enticed them to). The first hero was King David, and how he slept with Bathsheba, and then attempted to cover it up. Another hero story was about Josiah. The wife left him, slept around and got pregnant. Then, things got bad for her, and she ended up being sold at an auction as a slave, but her husband found her there and won the auction. I didn’t really like having my kids watch a story about women who cheat on their husbands.

The other “highlight” of the day was a re-enactment of Jesus’s death. It was brutally realistic, and as soon as Jesus was put up on the whipping post and beat up, both of my girls freaked out. They cried uncontrollably for the duration of his crucifixion. I was able to give Domino my iPhone and have her focus on watching a movie on there, but Carolena couldn’t be consoled. Definitely not a show for kids.

There were a bunch of cool things there. We got to have communion with Jesus. We got to learn about bibles, where they came from, what people went through to create them, and how they got to be what they are today. They had actual relics, original scrolls, and original bibles from a days of old.

We’re back at the hotel now. I think there’s a magic show in a half an hour. Hopefully, we’ll get in the pool, too. I can’t wait to take some pictures of the pool. It has to be the coolest water feature of any hotel I have ever stayed at. It’s like being at Sesame Place’s pool.

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