Joel drove us half way home. Buck took the wheel about an hour or two ago. We are making great progress. According to the GPS, we should hit Exton at 8:30am. That’s without stops for gas or breakfast. And again, I’m being dropped off in Harrisburg, which is about an hour before Exton.
I have finished watching all of the movies I loaded up on my iPad. On the way to Joplin, I watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Source Code, and Man on a Ledge. On the way back, I watched Super 8, and the new Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed all of the movies, although The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo had me a bit disturbed for a couple of days. Honestly, I love how movies can affect me emotionally, no matter what the emotion is.
We were hoping to hit another FoodTV show location for breakfast, but the GPS has us on Route 70, which is well south of Pittsburgh, which is where we would need to be. So, I’m not sure where we will be stopping for our next meal.

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