Concerns about taking my dog home on Friday.

Journal What are your concerns about taking your dog home on Friday?

Today, June 14th was the first time McLean must have felt comfortable enough to actually poop in front of me. The only difference, I could tell thus far, from him peeing vs his pooping was the time he stayed in a squatting position. At first I expected to clean up after a “horse”, but the amount was similar to cleaning up after Showbo. Hopefully, he does make harder stool in the future, though. It was on the softer side this time.

Ok, enough about that “dirty” topic.

McLean’s obedience, feeding schedule, potty schedule, and more, are not at all my concern when we get home. I am a little concerned about him ruining my carpet, with vomit efrom ither end, but this worry is the least of them. How will Showbo accept McLean, and how will McLean accept Showbo? I know Cyera, our cat, will just be irritated, as she was with Showbo, Domino, now age 7, and Carolena, age 3. I would be irritated, too, if I kept being bumped down the totem pole!

Showbo has been the only dog for the past 9 years, and she might be jealous. Maybe jealous of McLean’s youthfulness. J Or maybe both dogs will be so happy to meet each other and become instant friends. They can then antagonize the cat together! We shall see tomorrow night.

Not going in public yet with McLean will be difficult, especially since I enjoy being in public and want to do things. I have been using my cane, loosely using my cane, since June2 when we retired Showbo, but I have been able to survive. A few days of “solitude” might be doable. I may have some withdrawals, though, from the nail salon, swimming pool, church, etc.

Well, one more day until we are able to get more sleep!

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