Other’s concerns regarding your partnership and your responses to those concerns.

Journal What are your families’, friends’, and co-workers’ concerns regarding your partnership with a service dog? How have you responded to their concerns?

It was a rough morning! My husband was not here, leaving me home with our two girls, and now two dogs. Ugh! It was very stressful, especially at breakfast time. I had to play waitress, and referee, for Domino, Carolena, Showbo and my lovely successor dog, McLean! There were other little issues, but just the stressful breakfast time made it a very hard morning!

The funniest thing occurred when I went to give Domino a bath. Showbo does not shed. Have I mentioned, though, the fur on McLean? Domino got into her bathtub and stayed away from the side with fur in it. Apparently, McLean’s fur shed into the tub when we went into that bathroom for me to just use the toilet.

Speaking of the fur on McLean, his fur has been a topic of conversation amongst my friends and myself. There are some vehicles he is preferred not to enter, but my van can be the primary vehicle in those instances. Also, his size can be an issue in smaller vehicles containing carseats and/or children. Again, my van can be primary.

Another concern by my family and friends about his size has to do with comparing his size to my side. He is not only large, but he is strong, having a lot of puppy inside him. When he is not wearing his harness all these problems arise, but the harness creates a subtle, calm, sweet McLean. We do need to practice curbs and following someone, especially when in a crowded public place. McLean went the “wrong” way at the baseball game a lot of the time, and failed to stop at each curb. He went slowly up or down the steps, but the curb thing needs a lot of work! When we left the baseball game, I fell. He either went in a direction off a curb without hesitation, or we were walking too far to the right beside the curb. Either way, my left ankle, left knee, left wrist and left elbow got some scrapes. Need to practice, practice, practice!

Ok, all for now.

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