Self Evaluation

Journal What are the biggest gains you have made so far during this training? What areas do you need to focus on the most?

Yesterday was an off day for CPL’s team training, but I did not just rest. I mentioned in yesterday’s journal entry some of the other things I was able to accomplish. I currently have little motivation, and desire, to write a detailed entry, but I will definitely answer the journal question, briefly.

We had journal reading in the morning, discussions about our personal articles given to us last week, followed by a discussion about health care, which was mostly a review. A delicious lunch was provided by a nice volunteer, as usual, but then we had a very long skill of carrying. We carried a doubled bag item in a relay format, and this relay took a lot of the afternoon. Some dogs, especially Bob’s dog, wanted nothing to do with taking, or carrying, this item. Bob won in the long run, which shows Bob’s endurance! I wanted to hurt his dog, though! JA discussion about access proceeded, and we were at CPL longer than expected.

Now my answer to the journal question, one of the biggest gains has been matching paces with McLean and me. He has also struggled with curbs, up or down, but he is learning to pause at most curbs. I still have 2 feet with all 10 toes! J

We will be using the same vet as with Showbo and our cat, Cyera. A visit to the vet might be soon, depending on McLean’s bowel issues. I am worried about my teddy bear boy!!!

I know this is a short entry, but My concerns about McLean outweigh my writing ability right now.

I am’ however, concerned about my ability to manage this big dog occasionally, and I am perplexed about the fitting of his harness.

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