Trip Independence

Journal Reflections on today’s trip. Are you ready to try a trip like that yourself? Why or why not?

We were taking a train trip to the city, AKA Philadelphia, today on a SEPTA train, and we had to be at the train stop by 8:30am. Ugh, ugh, ugh! I think this was the earliest day yet! IMcLean and I did make it on time, and the train was scheduled for not until 9:10am. Not only, did we wait for the SEPTA train, we made many pit stops along the way, making

Our trip much longer at 1 ½ hours. It was not only a super long trip, there was no bathroom on the SEPTA train. I love Amtrak!

I sat in a seat across from other seats, which gave McLean enough room, barely! He is a much bigger dog than Showbo. J When we arrived to Market East, McLean had a list of service skills to perform between there and the Reading Terminal Market. I discovered my cell phone missing immediately, which totally distracted me from the whole trip,especially having McLean do service skills. I did settle down a little and was able to give commands to McLean, and we performed a lot of his service skills in the train station. Dave used the locator on my cell, and it was found at the information desk in the station. Praise God!

We, again, waited in the station and then finally walked the dogs to a semi-decent area for them to do their business. McLean peed there, but he also wanted to pee on every bush, or at least lift a leg at every bush.

We ate a delicious lunch at the Reading Market and went afterwards back to the train station. Not having much time to shop at the Gallery, we just waited at the train station for our 3:10pm train home. I had a regular seat on the train home, and McLean just would not fit. He is a large dog! I had to take off his harness and keep it next to me. 1 ½ hours later, we were getting off the train and into our cars. Yea!!!

And the journal question… This whole trip was a waste of a day, in my opinion. McLean and I are very ready to take a train trip together, which we will do in August. However, there will be a bathroom on this train! As far as going to a city, I/we will never do this alone. There are too many opportunities to get lost, not to mention a cell phone getting lost! Thank you to the honest person who found my phone!

Tired now. Good night.

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