We made it safely to Houston. Back at the church, Pastor Chris had brought some leftover sparklers to play with (since we were there at 1am, why not, right?). I took this picture using a long exposure, hoping to capture “MCCC!” Didn’t come out too bad considering it was 1am and we had very little practice getting it together.

MCCC! sparklers

In Exton, we boarded a very nice, big, comfortable bus. Fortunately, we were smart enough to confirm our destination with the bus driver. He thought we were going to Baltimore and not Newark!! Other than that, the bus ride was uneventful, as was the flight to Houston. We had a rather long layover, so we got to have a nice, expensive breakfast at Ruby’s Diner. Of course, after we ate, our friend Nivea gave us the valuable advice of going to the last terminal and looking at food options there. She paid under $4 for a coffee and a breakfast  sandwich. I paid over $15 a person. Oh well. Now I know.

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