Dog Health Care

Ok, journal. Here I am again. Today was an interesting day for me, because we had a whole lot of exciting adventures at Canine Partners. The drive there was fun, as always, and I am so thankful to Kelly, Joe and Lizz for providing my transportation. I had the opportunity to meet Showbo’s brother, Fenix, and he also had patches of skin problems. Oh, journal, I am still worried about Showbo!

We again began with the sharing of journals, which was very emotional on Pat. Please pray for her, journal, that her apartment complex becomes more understanding of her service dog. Following this time of sharing, we discussed health care issues, which was very helpful for us all. And, before lunch, we were given a lesson on nail clipping, which made me very nervous. Thank God Dave will be permitted to do this task, because I accidentally caused Showbo to bleed. Sorry, Showbo!

Tori, who works for Canine Partners, provided us all with a great lunch, and I am using these enjoyable times to better know everyone in team training. After lunch came the obstacle course. Oh, I developed a quick trust with Showbo, and we accomplished this job with no problems. Actually, Showbo took me through the course, and, in fact, she did the “go pay” command without a verbal command from me. She did awesome!

It will be really great to have Showbo proudly by my side at all times. I can’t wait! I went with David to the Dominican Republic last December, and Showbo would have been really helpful. Not only would she have provided me with her service skills, but she would have been able to guide me, on occasion, between the hotel and the beach. Unfortunately, though, she may not have been permitted to visit the Dominican Republic, since the Dominican dogs are stray pets, and not nearly treated like princesses, like Showbo.

I almost forgot. Showbo and I took our first car ride today, along with Eric and grover, around the block. We both really enjoyed it, I think, and Showbo does well with the “load up” command. She did, however, almost take off my arm when we were disembarking the vehicle. We will need to practice this, I guess.

Ok, time for bed. Good night, journal.

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