Yo, journal. today began on a rough note. Poor Kelly had a small run-in with a police officer, because she had trouble coming to a complete stop with Lizz’s extreme, handicapped van at a red light and decided to just turn with caution. I think the police officer was in a bad mood, because he still gave her a sizable fine. It was such an annoyance for us all, as Lizz wanted to be early to team training to dress Lilly, and I really, really had to pee. My bladder has mostly co-operated during this training, but it could be better. Luckily, I have not missed any of the teaching materials, and Showbo has had numerous chances to shine as a very obedient, and intelligent, puppy.

There are a few service skills that Showbo should not perform and some of my routines for which she should not participate. Such things include preparing meals, cleaning with toxic and deadly cleansers, swimming in a community pool and helping me bowl. Showbo can accompany me anytime to the bathroom to pee, but these things, forget it.

Preparing meals will remain the responsibility of my husband, or current “service” person, because Showbo cannot grip people food, even with her paws. And when I need a cleaning supply that I do not want her to have any possibility of swallowing, and that I keep out of reach from my kitten or a small child, I will handle it myself. As far as a community pool. Many people would not want to swim with a dog, no matter how cute and prestigous she is. When it comes to bowling, Showbo will have a little trouble picking up my 10-pound bowling ball and handing it to me. She may push the ball down the lane better than me, but she is not a sanctioned bowling dog.

Today was a fun day at team training, especially at Perkins. I learned that with persistence anything is possible, including getting a refill on a kiddee sundae, which was yummy. Anyway, after discussing the accessibility of a service dog, we practiced old commands and learned new ones. Showbo was great with the stay, take it, hold it and give it and go under commands. I think she had a great trainer! The give it command, however, has been replaced with where is it, because I am blind.

I am looking forward to a good night’s rest and then tomorrow’s endeavors.

Good night, journal.

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