Blue Rocks

Today is a short day with CPL, because we are going to the Blue Rocks baseball game, which begins at 7, I think. If we are late, we are late. Showbo and I are not Blue Rock fans, anyway.

This whole day has not been that great thus far, mainly because this day is my depressed day. I awoke at 8am to feed Showbo, and then I took her outside to do her business. Dave again joined me to ensure me of Showbo’s location spot to actually do her business. Will I be able to handle Showbo during her business time by myself?

I am currently so confused about everything. I feel bad for Showbo, because I do not necessarily use all her services. This morning at the bed Showbo did a perfect heel command, though, impressing David. I told him she was a great dog!

As we have been walking through my home with Showbo in her harness, I am worried that Showbo will put marks on the paint. Relieving me of my worry, David told me that will not bother him. Phew!

Showbo and I went to the pool today, and every person in the community loves her and congratulated me for having her. I just hope I can survive these next 2 weeks of training. Canine Partners will hopefully help me with the bathroom issues, and stuff.

Oh, did I tell you? Yesterday I received the results of Showbo’s biopsy. She is a healthy dog, having only a skin infection. Yea! This is the best news I have received in a long time, well, since my wedding. Thanks to everyone who prayed for Showbo and me, because they were answered. The happy news put tears in my eyes.

As I sit at my computer typing my journal entry for today, Showbo is on the floor by my feet. And, Cyera is sitting behind me on my chair. Wow, they are so close together right now. Although Cyera likes to hiss at Showbo occasionally, I think she really likes Showbo.

Well, we are now off to the baseball game.

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