Showbo Home

Good evening. Tonight Showbo and I are together, for the first night, as I am writing this. Yea! Cyera and Showbo have just had their initial meeting, and they seem to be interested in each other. Cyera has an interest of curiousity, and Showbo has been trying to extend a paw of friendship. We’ll monitor their progress as the days go by.

This morning I had the second pleasure of giving Showbo her “meatball” medication and trying to dress her in her sporty doggy gear. Then we attempted the stairs of Deb’s, the trainer, deck, and that was quite a challenge. Showbo raced up the stairs, which resulted in a do over. She then proceeded to do a great job going up, and then we were faced with the going down the stairs, which was a very fearful thought. Showbo knew my nervousness, and therefore, was also nervous, and stressed. Sorry, Showbo! We descended the stairs very slowly, reached the ground safely and now I have no desire of ever doing this again. Of course, this is an unrealistic hope, but I can dream.

Next came the strip shopping center. At TJ Max Showbo and I did our first opening of a door, and unfortunately, this door was not automatic. Since Showbo’s ideal weight is only 37 pounds, she could not open the door easily, which meant I had to help her.

Oh, when I met Showbo this morning at the kennel, the princess was waiting for me. In other words Cindy, a kennel employee, dressed Showbo in earrings and a tiera, along with painting all her nails a hot pink color. Because of these nails, Showbo got quite a bit of compliments from the public, as well as many comments about a poodle acting as a service dog. Whatever, this will happen to us forever! Also, I learned not to have Showbo attempt to carry heavy objects in a plastic bag, because her gorgeous teeth just kept putting holes all through the bag. And so, we got no where.

It is really nice having Showbo’s presence in my home, more so as a companion. We are not permitted to use any training techniques, and I currently do not require the use of her for stability purposes. I have been practicing some basic stationary commands, and I think of Showbo as a well-trained and very obedient dog, not a service dog.

Ok, the major dilemma came following dinnertime. I needed to take Showbo outside to do her business, and this was my first experience cleaning up after her, if you know what I mean. Actually, it was my first time cleaning up after any dog. David used his eyes to help me find its location, and I joyfully grabbed it with a plastic bag. J I cannot wait to do it again, and again, and again…

Tonight I heard Showbo bark for the first time. She was barking at Cyera, in an attempt to play with her. Only 1 bark thus far. However, Showbo did some growling during her playtime outside, and I think she seems to like her new toy, which is a tennis doughnut. I am so, so happy for Showbo!

Ok, time for bed, Until tomorrow!

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