Family Outing

Well, after a short night, Showbo, Dave and I attended church this morning. This was our first outing as a family, and I believe it all went well.

We then proceeded to team training which was rather different than our previous trainings, because today was a graduate support class. These classes consist of graduates, recipients like me and applicants. The class occurred after we did our journal sharing as an entire group, which was similar to the very first day. At least 20 people attended this class, but we were still able to learn a few new commands. Showbo did extremely well, making me love her and her talents even more. Showbo being the first graduate of the prison puppy program, I can confidently say that the inmates did a fine job with Showbo.

I feel much better with my emotions about using Showbo as a service dog, but I still use David’s help when Showbo has to do her business. One awesome thing that happened with Showbo and me today was the fact that Showbo really knows how to retrieve things. I said the words take it, and within seconds, Showbo was placing the item in my hand. Who needs to use the hold it and give it commands anyway?

I noticed a few good and a few bad trainers at training this afternoon. I do think it is awesome that people with little or no speech are able to control their dogs better than some of the very vocal people. It is as if those with speech problems have a totally different way of handling their dogs. It is so cool!

I know commands are not to be repeated over and over, but many people today were doing just that, repeating themselves. I cannot differ the tones of these people between the command tone and the correction tone. Maybe they were just correcting the dog. Who knows? But, repeating is not good.

Well, tomorrow requires an earlier start Than usual, because now I have to prepare Showbo, not just me, before we leave my home in the morning. Good night.

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