Longwood Gardens

Today was a trip to Longwood Gardens, and it made for a long day. We mostly practiced already known commands with our dogs, such as go touch, retrieval commands and go pay. Showbo did well and only gave me confusion once. When we were doing the go pay command, Showbo paid the clerk perfectly, but she dropped all my dollars in change onto the floor. A trainer assisted Showbo, and eventually, I got my change.

We did a lot of walking today through the gardens, which exhausted the best of us. In fact I was so tired after lunch, Darleen gave me a ride on her scooter. Actually, I was not on her scooter, I was on her lap on the scooter, and our dogs followed us to our left. It was fun!

Some days I struggle with accepting the whole blind and MS thing, but I know that God will heal me of these things in His time. I am looking forward to more independence in my traveling with Showbo, and I hope to someday teach Showbo to be my chauffer. Would that be cool, or what? She will also be a great guide when I am in public with my husband, and I have to use the ladies room.

As far as my original goals, I believe Showbo will be more than able to fulfill them. She is still awesome! She has learned to follow my leader when I am in public, which has increased my independence a little by destroying my necessary use of someone else’s elbow. Go, Showbo!

Well, it is once again time for bed.

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