Today has been an unproductive day for Showbo and me, and yet very relaxing. We joined David for a breakfast at bob Evans before church. Both at the restaurant and church, Showbo once again shined, in my eyes, as a wonderful dog.

The amount of times that people have asked me if they can pet my dog is too numerous to count. Can people not read the sign, and why would I say anything contrary to the sign? Ugh! Should I saythat yes, you can pet my dog, and I would love for you to break the law? I mean, come on.

I know no people that are more favorite than other people, except maybe David, and he cannot even pet Showbo. She is my eyes. Would someone approach someone else and say may I touch your eyes? I do not think so, so back off!

Ok, I am done venting, for now.

A few family members have shown genuine concern for my health and my ability to care for Showbo. I can accomplish this portion of my life as best I can, and David should be here for me as well. In fact, he gets the honor of clipping Showbo’s toenails tonight. Please pray that both David and Showbo are with us tomorrow! Everyone in my life right now should know that I place a lot of trust in My Father, with everything. He not only helps mephysically, but He helps me mentally by giving me wisdom, sometimes. I have a great circle of support with family and friends, and no one has exiled Showbo and me, yet. There is 1 friend who is concerned about permitting a dog inside his house, but he does understand my necessity for Showbo. He will learn soon enough that Showbo is a very responsible dog, too.

I am going to eat dinner now and do what I do best, which is talk on the phone. Talk to you tomorrow.

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