Bee Sting

Once again, we had team training. Showbo helped me to dress this morning, because I wanted her to make herself useful. I placed my whole clothing attire on the floor, and then I asked her to take it while I pointed at the pile of clothes. Let me tell you how cute and smart this poodle service dog is! She so kindly gave me a clothing item and returned to her doggy pillow, where she decided to lay down. She waited for my next take it command and gave me another item, which was followed by her returning to her pillow to lay down. This routine happened a few more times until I was completely dressed and her job was done. Showbo, do not hurt yourself or exert too much energy. It was an awesome morning!

Did I say it was an awesome morning? Well, right until Dave and I were late for team training, and I was drilled at the door about having no pets. David abandoned me, which better never happen again, and I decided to fight for my rights, and Showbo’s rights. Eventually, they let us in. Like I said in an earlier entry, Canine Partners is strict, and maybe even a little mean, in my opinion. David and I will never be late again, at least for team training. One step at a time for promptness, you know?

Most of the day consisted of lectures, and lectured, and lectures… One exciting thing happened when Showbo was taking me from the bathroom to the barn through the grass. I got stung by a bee. Isn’t that exciting?

Darlene’s parents provided a wonderful lunch, and then we did some obedience. We practiced stationary commands, such as sit and down, and we learned to recall our dogs in a different manner than usual. We needed to put them a stay position, walk far away and call them to come. Immediately after saying come, Showbo, I needed to tell her to down. I guess that this incident would occur if she about to get hit by a bus or something. Showbo walked a few more paces and did her down on my second command. Then I called her to come again, and she joyfully came to me. During this whole recall thing, Showbo moved in a perfectly straight line, according to observers. What a neat and proper poodle, unlike some people! J

Dave and I went to the late night swim tonight within our community. I put Showbo in a down position attached to a lounge chair, and we then went to the hot tub. Later, David told me Showbo was standing and looking for me. I called her, she saw me, and I put her in another down position from the hot tub. What a good dog!

Ok, good night for now. By the way, tomorrow is our first and only day off team training, but I may still talk to you, if you are lucky.

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