Well, I saved this story for a different journal, because I did not want the last entry to be too many different things. On August 10, our church had its annual baptism and picnic at Marsh Creek lake. God miraculously stopped the rain over the lake that day, and we had beautiful weather. Some other people actually brought their pet dogs, who were obviously active. We sat on a blanket on the ground while the baptism service took place, and Showbo laid there like a lady and ignored all the other dogs. Every person getting baptized gave a testimony, which was followed by the actual baptism in the lake. As I said before, Showbo was on her best behavior, causing no interruptions for anyone. There was plenty of time between the baptism and the picnic for me to allow Showbo to enjoy the lake. I even brought one of her water toys with us! I unharnessed Showbo and used her retractable leash to lead her to the edge of the water. She began the adventure by trying to drink the nasty water, but I stopped her! She really did not want to leave my side, however, I was not in my swimming attire and could not join her in the water. Showbo finally started to run from left to right, remaining in the same depth of water, and just running back and forth. The water was up to her knees, and she was fine with that. Then, I threw her water toy into the lake and told her to go get it, but she just watched the toy floating in the lake. She must have thought I was crazy to think she would actually want to go swimming, and ruin her fur.J Showbo did venture into deeper waters, up to her belly, but no swimming for Showbo. Her water toy continued to float away, and she did not even care. A gentleman from the church, who was already in the water for the baptism, offered to swim out and get her toy. Luckily, Showbo still has this water toy, but who knows if she will ever use it? Showbo ended her lake experience in a short time, and the little poodle was only wet up to her stomach. Boo!

During these past few days, I had my 6-month visit with my neurologist, who absolutely loved Showbo. I did not give Showbo an opportunity to do her business that morning, because it was only 6am. Her normal time to pooh is after10am, and she usually eats breakfast at 8am, therefore I did feed her. I honestly expected to return home in plenty of time for her morning bowel movement. J Well, Showbo proved me wrong. She began to take me in circles when we arrived to the office building and exited the car. I attribute this whole experience to Dave’s driving. Anyway, I thought Showbo was just stressed and/or confused. No! We all took the elevator to the second floor and began to walk through the empty hallway to the doctor’s office. Squat, right in the middle of the hallway and pooh directly on the carpeted floor. Thank God it was a solid movement! I cleaned this surprise, but thankfully Dave was the only witness. Remember, always give your service dog time to do his business, and Showbo going in circles is a sign of the need to do her business! I have been doing wonderfully with my health, due to Herbalife and a service dog, but the neurologist needed to check me anyway. Throughout this whole visit, Showbo carried my bag. Yea!

Well, I would like to finish this entry by describing another doctor’s visit, although this visit was to the dentist. Yes, I did give Showbo the time and chance to do her business in the morning, and she did! Everything went well, and the only thing worth writing about occurred when I began the teeth cleaning process. We were led to the room with “the chair”, and I needed to find a good spot for Showbo to wait. I took her to the left of the door to the corner, and I told her to d o w n. Then, I sat in the chair while the hygienist looked in my mouth, briefly. Showbo quickly moved from her original spot and went forward to lay beside my chair. The hygienist thought this action was extremely cute and said Showbo wanted to be closer to me. I agreed that this action was cute, and I did not at all punish my adorable service dog. Showbo laid in her new location during the rest of my teeth cleaning, and we never knew she was there. Well, I did not, you know out of sight, out of mind. The hygienist continued to tell me all about Showbo’s mannerisms and cuteness! As if I did not already know. J

Ok, talk to you later, and have a great week!

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