I would like to begin this journal entry by sharing, yet again, another theory related to one of Showbo’s behaviors. I must first tell a joke.

A blind man, with a seeing eye dog, enters a large department store. The dog leads him to the center of the store, where the man lifts the dog by the tail and swings it over his head, like the man is a cowboy using a lasso. Another gentleman observed this action and approached the man, asking him what he was doing to his dog. The man replied by saying:

I’m just looking around. J

Ok, the behavior: this wonderful poodle has a tendency to take me in circles in various locations. Every one else has determined that this strange behavior is a result of stress. Why does everyone blame everything on stress? I believe Showbo is just getting her bearings straight, and then she can better know where and how to take me somewhere. Showbo is all about using shortcuts, and safety! Keep on spinning, Showbo, because it works for me.

We had another card’s night this past week, and Showbo was out of harness. Once again, Manna arrived with barking and immediately looked for Cyera. Mind you, Cyera wants nothing to do with this loud little dog, but Manna insists that Cyera is his playful buddy. Cyera tells me it is never, ever going to happen, though. Anyway, as Manna was searching for Cyera, Showbo tried to get Manna’s attention. Showbo ran through the house with a bark and playful chase. Manna, the whimpy dog, ran and hid from Showbo. It was a very comical 3-ring circus in the Garozzo home, that night!

On August 9th, I had a desire to join my husband for his ultimate frisbee tournament, and I was planning to be his lovely cheer leader. Showbo and I accompanied Dave to his first game, where we both made ourselves comfortable. Then, the rain came! Showbo and I sat in the car for a short while, and then Dave, seeing the rain diminish, came to the car to retrieve us. We attempted to be outside, near the games, but the rain came again. We were able to stand under a sun tent, but I had trouble keeping the leather harness dry. The owner of the sun tent was very kind to us and allowed us to sit in the back of his S U V. Here, Showbo needed to be wiped with a towel to clean the mud off her paws, and I needed to dry and brush her to prevent tangling in her fur. Once able to relax, I waited in the vehicle while they continued the tournament in the rain. I was very determined to keep Showbo’s harness dry, and therefore, I removed it from her back. She was just a poodle in her pinch collar and her halty, who began to look like a drowning rat.

Ok, everyone have a great week, and I hope to talk to you soon.

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