What a vacation! Praise God we all got home in one piece.

Showbo exercised her virtue of patience during both the rides to, and from, Hilton Head. We placed her “pillow bed” in the back seat of the car, and she had access to one half of the back seat. She was so cute, because every time she adjusted, she twisted her pillow. We did give her a chance to stretch during every stop, though, along with time to do her business and time to drink.

While driving through Charleston, South Carolina, we stopped for dinner at Bubba Gump’s restaurant. I am sharing this event, because the waitress offered a water bowl for Showbo. She left and returned to our table with a real water bowl for dogs. First ever!

We all went to the beach on the first day on the island, and the water felt wonderful! Showbo started the adventure by my side, but she had absolutely no interest in swimming. As soon as we reached deeper waters, to Showbo’s shoulders, she stopped. The waves were wild, and every time one came towards us, Showbo ran back to shore. Then she would continue forward, only to be frightened again by another crashing wave. This whole scene was very comical, and Showbo did not wet a hair on her head. Princesses cannot get their hair wet, you know? Deciding to wade at the shore line, Showbo just ran back and forth, and then she stopped. I, having nothing but her leash and wearing my bikini, yelled for David to bring me a doggy bag. Showbo pooped right on the beach. It was great!

The next day tested our levels of sea sickness. We attempted to go deep sea fishing, in the rocky ocean, for 6 hours. Showbo was very helpful to me, as she had terrific balance and supported me well. I actually offered Showbo a treat while on the boat, and she refused. I guess she was nautious, like the rest of us. J

While we were doing a time share tour, we learned about a dog park on Hilton Head. That evening we ventured to this dog park, for Showbo of course. The park consisted of a large area of fenced land with a divider in the middle. One side was for small dogs, and the other side was for large dogs. Showbo, being a medium dog, had the opportunity to play on both sides. Each side has its own drinking fountain, poop bags and old toys. Showbo made some new friends here, and we all loved it!

We also took a tour of the island, in a trolley, and Showbo’s behavior and mannerisms shocked everyone. This little poodle received many, many compliments and numerous offers of water. Why is she so spoiled? Because she is beautiful?

Friday became the big day of our vacation! We began with a fun game of miniature golf in the morning, and Showbo acted as a great guide dog. She did not help me cheat, though. I would have had her carry my ball or club to each hole, but David did not want to create traffic. Sorry, Showbo, I knew you could have done it, though! Then we drove to Beaufort for a horse and buggy tour. Never again!

Dave, Showbo and I were the only passengers for the tour on this rainy, cloudy day. The tour guide stood with us, near the buggy, and Dave loaded himself first. Then, Showbo, who needed 2 attempts… I never even had the chance to get on the buggy, because the horse began to move. I do not know why. Who knows? I do know that the horse did not want to stop anytime soon, and I had the great fortune of being dragged almost 150 feet, on pavement! We did not get a tour of Beaufort, but we did get an ambulance ride, which included a tour of the emergency room. I am still recovering from this horrid experience. I have yet to introduce Showbo to another horse, but I will someday. I would like to finish this account by saying that Showbo was an angel during everything. She, after being thrown from the buggy, ran from puddle to puddle, relieving herself. She did have the crap scared out of her, you know! J

Well, time to heal, and rest, and…

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