Hi everyone. Showbo and I are here and doing well.

We went to a wedding for one of Dave’s coworkers, and the entire celebration was in the Ukranian language. Since we did not have time to learn the language before the wedding, we were mostly clueless. Anyway, we had an interesting experience, especially during the reception. Showbo made a friend, I think. While we were all at our table waiting for the festivities to begin, a very young girl approached Showbo, who was lying comfortably on the floor at the end of the table. I would guess this girl to be either 2 or 3 years old, and she cutely stooped to Showbo’s level and began conversing with her, in Ukranian. Showbo did not seem to mind. David was trying to inform this girl not to touch the dog, but as I mentioned before, she had no idea what David was saying in English. She did walk away from Showbo, only to return with another little person to visit Showbo. It seemed as if Showbo was a museum exhibit on display. She should be on display, because she is just so cute!

One of the days between these journal entries was another adventure, more so for Cyera. I was in the living room on the phone, with Showbo sitting next to me. While on the phone, I heard Showbo starting to bark. I tried to quiet her, but she kept barking and moving towards the kitchen. I put the phone down and followed Showbo to the kitchen, where Cyera was located. Cyera was near her food dishes, and she was choking! Showbo was getting my attention, which means that she must care for Cyera. J I did not physically need to help Cyera, because she just had a furball or something. Cyera recovered on her own, but Showbo showed concern for the situation. I guess Showbo is like a rescue dog, along with guide dog and service dog! J

This past week has been devoted to selling tickets for a fundraising event for Canine Partners, known as cow bingo. I actually had much success and received very few no answers. I came in second place for the number of tickets sold. My philosophy for why I did well at selling these tickets is that it must be very, very difficult to say no to a blind girl, who has a poodle. Who can say no to our cute little Showbo? J

Many of the sales occurred at the bowling alley, but I did attempt to go door to door, at least along our street. While going door to door, Showbo was a huge help, and necessity. She impressed the neighbors, and their cats, who normally run from dogs but were interested in Showbo. It is so amazing how cats know, and trust, working dogs. As we were venturing from one neighbor’s door to another, Showbo developed a routine. We walked away from the door, turned on the road and walked down the next driveway. Showbo would search for the door to each house, which was different, and she took me in many circles throughout the journey. She found every door, though, and we were able to meet many of my neighbors.

Lastly, I would like to write a short note about David’s bike ride for MS. He rode 75 miles on Saturday, and then Sunday, while Showbo and I volunteered at the finish line. I cheered for bikers as they finished each day, and Showbo stayed by my side. She received a lot of compliments from observers and riders, and she was bumped by a lot of people, too. I guess people did not expect there to be a dog at the event, at least a dog that was well behaved. There were a few dogs at the event during the second day, but they were more interested in Showbo than she was in them, especially a little pit bull. We had a lot of fun, and we talked about Canine Partners throughout the 2 days, a whole lot.

Ok, time for bed, so until later.

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