I am going to begin this entry by rewinding the clock a little bit, because I actually forgot to mention a few things in previous entries. There was, believe it or not, a bathroom incident during one of our vacations. Showbo and I entered a stall, and I was doing my thing as Showbo stood in front of me. The door of the stall did not touch the floor, ending about 6 inches above the floor. A woman, who was obviously dillusional, freaked when she saw fuzzy legs underneath the door. She realized there were 6 legs, 4 of them belonging to a dog. This woman actually thought the owner of the fuzzy legs was in dire need of a good shaving. Showbo must have a very feminine leg structure!

Amidst one afternoon in the Garozzo home, Showbo decided to share her water bowl with Cyera. Showbo is so sweet, and patient. She stood there, while Cyera helped herself to the water, drinking out of a bowl bigger than her with a tiny, little tongue. Cyera, what is wrong with your own water? Cyera has been known quite often to use Showbo’s water bowl instead of her own. I do not understand the difference. Is it more exciting?

During what began as another uneventful afternoon, Showbo laid on the floor in the living room, being content with chewing her nyla bone. When, out of no where, Cyera came running down the stairs, across the living room floor towards Showbo, and she stopped directly in front of Showbo’s face. I do not know how Cyera wanted Showbo to react to this odd behavior, but apparently Showbo knew. Showbo immediately stood to her feet and chased Cyera back up the stairs, only to disappear briefly. Showbo came running back down the stairs and returned to her bone, as if never disturbed by the little teaser. What was that all about?

Ok, back to the present day. I experienced my first Halloween with Showbo, and we both were in costume; I wore scrubs and Showbo was a princess, of course. Showbo and I stood outside to distribute the candy, because Dave and I were having technical difficulties with our porch light. Showbo stood by my side, in harness and costume, as almost 50, or more, trick or treaters walked around the neighborhood. As the trick or treaters approached me for their share of the candy, Showbo would give a slight woof or growl, or both. Due to this terrible behavior, I needed to down Showbo and not permit her to be an active participant in the candy giving. In the meantime, David was patrolling our streets in search of Cyera, who so carefully escaped the house. I said she wanted to trick or treat, too, which must have been correct, because she casually strolled home at the end of trick or treat, at exactly 8:00pm.

I wanted to share a strange experience with you. I was with a friend and her service dog at the women of faith conference one weekend. During the breaks and while we were exploring different things, women approached us wanting to take pictures of our dogs. My friend and I meant nothing, but our service dogs are on their way to fame. Have these women never before seen a dog? Ok, now I want to share the brilliance of Showbo. Remember, she is a poodle, and I am blind. I had made an attempt to go to the ladies room at one point during the conference, and the line was extremely long. There were almost 20,000 women. :) A kind lady helped me to the bathroom, through the exit, meaning we avoided the line. Well, the next time I needed to use the bathroom, Showbo helped me. She made our way through the crowd to the ladies room, took me in the exit, and even took me to the exact same stall. She is so amazing! All this on the “ok, Showbo, let’s go to the bathroom” command. We need not stand in line, as Showbo does not like lines, at least for the bathroom, anyway!

Everyone enjoy November, and take care!

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