I have been having difficulty getting Showbo to and from the groomer. The main bathing groomer will not trim Showbo with me staying there. This companionship cannot be split, therefore, I found another place to get Showbo trimmed. I found transportation to Pet Smart, where the grooming section gave Showbo a good discount. I waited with Showbo while she was trimmed, bathed, had her ears cleaned, nails clipped, teeth brushed and nails polished. Yes, once again, Showbo is a beauty queen. The lady doing all this was very impressed with Showbo’s patience. Yea!

A friend of mine picked up me and Showbo from Pet Smart, and we went to lunch. I showed my friend Showbo’s purple nails, and she laughed with amazement. Following our lunch, I had some leftovers, as always, in a bag to be carried from our table to the car. Showbo carried this bag for me, and everyone in our view were in awe, thinking Showbo was just so cute. As happened many times earlier in my relationship with Showbo, people were surprised that Showbo did not try to eat the food. Showbo knows what is my food, and what is her food!

Now that Showbo was no longer in need of a seeing eye cat, having her eyes visible, I was able to find her small skin infections amidst her fur. The skin infections are still there, but they are not getting worse, nor are they getting better. I have returned to applying the lotion to her skin after every brushing, and I ask you to pray for this matter, please.

Showbo and Cyera had a dual trip to the vet this past Saturday. Dave and I finally put Cyera in her carrying box, but she was majorly not happy. While in the car, Cyera continued to cry during the whole, 10 minute, trip. Ugh! Showbo, caring for Cyera, wanted to help the crying baby from her, Showbo’s, location in the back seat. Mind you, Cyera was on my lap in the front seat. Really, Showbo, Cyera has a tendency to over exaggerate, and there is really nothing you can do about it.

Showbo and Cyera were both angels in the examining room, where they both received some shots. The vet put Cyera in her box easily, saying Cyera just wants to leave and go home. Probably true! The vet also reviewed Showbo’s skin infections. I again need to give Showbo an antibiotic, which is chewable but not good enough for Showbo. Another ugh! I am now back to making meatballs with canned dog food, and I could definitely use your continued prayers!

This month was a revisit to my urologist for a check-up. Showbo joined me, of course, and we had a good time. My urologist is an interesting guy, in a fun way, and he threw a glove towards the trash can. He is definitely not a basketball player, because he missed. Let me just tell you what a great rebounder Showbo is. She apparently saw this missed glove to trash can attempt, and she decided to pick up the glove for him. I was laying on the table, meaning Showbo retrieved the glove all on her own. The doctor now wants an assistant like Showbo, who is fuzzier than the other assistants and does not argue with anyone. J Also, while there, the real assistant was helping me, when something nipped at her leg. Do not be concerned! It was not Showbo, but rather it was my urologist, who tried to blame the dog. I don’t think so!

Anyway, I have one more cool story, which happened at church. A friend of mine also has a service dog, because she has a lot of trouble with her balance. She and her husband have just started attending our church, and we were all enjoying the refreshments following the Sunday service. As we were eating, a couple of children, between the ages of 3 and 7, were talking about our dogs. The older child was telling the younger child not to pet the dogs, because they are working and not to be petted. My friend and I needed to say nothing, as our dogs enjoyed laying on the floor under our table. The children were very impressive – neither child bothered the dogs!

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