Varsity Club of America – South Bend Chapter

We arrived at the Varsity Club of America – South Bend Chapter las night. The room is very nice. It doesn’t have a full kitchen, but it has everything we need. Pull-out couch for the girls, and a nice king-size bed for Marie and I. At the resort, there is an indoor swimming pool situated in a room that has a removable roof when the weather is nice. In the courtyard, there is a bocce court and a putting green. The hotel is decked out with sports stuff. College pictures and flags line every wall in every hallway, many autographed.

Here in Mishawaka, we are right in the middle of a big shopping area with almost every popular store within 2 miles. Along with that is nearly every popular restaurant, too. We won’t be starving – that’s for sure.

We all slept in this morning, and when we finally got ready to go, Marie decided to sleep some more while I took the girls out for lunch and to pick up some groceries. We went to CiCi’s Pizza – a very inexpensive pizza and pasta buffet. Pretty awesome for the price – really bad for my diet. I will really need to get back to diet and exercise after this week.

At the supermarket, I was pleasantly surprised to find alcohol (not legal in PA). I tried to pick up a variety pack of some beer I never heard of, but in the checkout line, I was told that you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays in Indiana. I guess I’ll need to come back.

I tried to find more live entertainment today, but apparently every place that has live music also allows smoking, so no kids are allowed. I guess if I want to see any live music, I’ll have to wait until the kids go to sleep.

We basically just hung out at the resort today. Didn’t do any swimming or anything. Just lounged around. And then the family went out to Houlihan’s for a decent dinner. Afterwards, we attended “movie night” at the timeshare, where they appropriately showed the movie “Rudy”, which is about a kid who’s dream is to play football for Notre Dame. Carlena and Domino were a handful, and used up a ton of energy jumping from couch to couch and running around. The kids should sleep well tonight.

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