South Bend Chocolate Company

We went to the South Bend Chocolate Company today. Compared to Hershey, it’s a tiny little thing, but man do to they make some good chocolates. They don’t do bars – they dip this that and everything else. The tour was very nice. We got there for the right tour, too. The one after us was a large group of kids. Our tour was only three small families. You have a choice of doing the free tour, or paying about $4 per person for a little bit more. The extra money is well worth the price, as they give you a free goodie bag of candy, as well as you being able to make your own chocolate dipped spoon. We had a really enjoyable time there.

After the tour, we headed to Notre Dame. We grabbed a quick, very tasty lunch at Legends, and then headed to the campus tour. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Visitor’s Center, and by the time we got there, the tour had already left. So, I decided that we would try to come back tomorrow for the tour.

That actually worked out pretty well, as I had planned on grilling dinner tonight, and I needed time to put that together. While I prepared the corn on the cob and marinade the boneless chicken, Marie took a nap and the kids watched Cake Wars. When Marie woke, she and the kids went to the pool while I fired up the grill. Dinner came out great.

Oh, I did manage to make it back to the supermarket for a 12-pack of Dundee’s Craft Pack: 3 each of Kolsch-Style Ale, Stout, India Pale Ale, and Pale Bock Lager. I enjoyed the Koslch-Style Ale during grilling, and the IPA with dinner. Both were very tasty.

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