Drive Back to Pittsburgh

Well, we left much later than we wanted to this morning, and we made more stops than I wanted to, too. But we did manage to make it to Imagination Station in Toledo in time to be able to stick around for a couple of entertaining hours. While there, we got to see a Science Show where they blew things up. The coolest thing was when they had a member of the audience wet their hands in dish soap. Then they took some kind of gas balloon with a hose on the end of it, put the hose in the soapy water, and made soap bubbles. Then the helper picked up some bubbles and put them on her hand. When they put a flame to it, it made an extremely loud bang. And I mean extremely loud. Very cool.

We went from Toledo directly to Pittsburgh, where we met up with an old high school friend of mine, Kevin, at his house for a BBQ dinner. I haven’t seen Kevin for about 12 years, and recently Facebook Friended him. Kevin has a wonderful family with a wife (Amy), a son (Nate), and two girls (Abby and Zoe). We had a very nice dinner, drank some very tasty beer, and caught up with what keeps us busy. I think both of us have matured quite a bit since we last saw each other. The kids all stayed up way past their bedtimes, and had a lot of fun together. I’m very happy for Kevin, and I hope we are able to get together again.

We’re back in Bridgeville, now, spending the night at Doug’s.

We had planned on going to Kennywood tomorrow, but after this long week, I don’t know that we have the energy to do something that drastic. Marie noticed that the Phillies are playing the Pirates this weekend, so I looked for tickets. Standing room only at the stadium, but plenty available on Stub Hub. Of course, tickets are twice the actual price there, but Marie thinks it’s worth it. I picked up 4 tickets at just under $50 a piece for tomorrow night’s game. Seats look really good – baseline box 4, which is just into foul territory in right field, right up front. Normal price for those seats is half that, but at least it includes fireworks. Phillies lost the first two games of the series, so hopefully they don’t get swept.

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