At the Zoo

Today was our last full day here in Indiana, and we spent it at the Potawatomi Zoo. This zoo was very nice, and had plenty of animals to see. There was even a little train ride that you could take. As usual, the tiger and snow leopard loved Showbo – they would eye her up, pace back and forth, and occasionally put their paws up on the window. Unfortunately, the lions were sleeping and didn’t wake up to see her.

After the zoo, I took the kids to the playground while Marie got some well needed sleep. We tried to go to a place called Kid’s Kingdom, which is a big playground made all of wood, but a recent storm apparently messed it up, so we went to another playground in a nearby park. Plenty to do there, and lots of other kids were having a good time. Carolena was quite the daredevil.

This evening, we stayed in and played bingo at the resort. They didn’t charge to play, and if you won, you got to pick something from the snack bar. At the end, somebody asked if those who didn’t win could have a consolation prize. The lady running the event said “sure”, so everybody who showed up ended up winning something.

We started packing for tomorrow. We hope to leave early so we can spend a decent amount of time at Imagination Station on the way back to Pittsburgh.

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