Summer Vacation?

It’s Wednesday night. Late.

Tomorrow, my family leaves for Orlando. I’ve barely started packing.

Marie says she has the kids’ clothes and stuff ready to go. That’s good. She’s out playing poker right now while I sit at home watching the kids, loading movies on the iPhone and iPad, printing out coupons from the Entertainment Book on-line services and timeshare and hotel reservations.

We’re not necessarily going to Orlando for a vacation. Marie is involved with the NFB – the National Federation of the Blind, and they’re having their National Convention next week. It will be the first time that we go to it. Marie has opted to purchase a table at the Exhibit Hall so she can sell Herbalife at the convention. That’s making the trip a whole lot more complicated, but she’s passionate about selling Herbalife, so whatever makes her happy.

Earlier this week, I brought the van in to the dealer for an oil change, and to have them check on a weird rumble. They say the weird rumble was that I need a new transmission. Are you kidding me? I leave this week for Florida! They said they would call it in to the extended warranty. I thought that had expired two months ago. Who knows? They were supposed to call me back to let me know if it would be covered. They didn’t call me back, so I’m taking the van to Florida anyway. I figure as long as I make it down there, then I’ll figure out how to get home later. Hopefully, there won’t be any issues! Pray for me!

At least I’m not driving the whole way down. We’re taking the Auto Train down, and plan to drive home.

So, here’s the schedule: Thursday we take the Auto Train down to Orlando. We stay in Orlando for a week. Then we drive to Charleston, SC and spend a night there. Then we drive somewhere and spend a night. Then drive to Williamsburg, VA and spend two nights. Then drive home. Works out to be a nice two-week vacation. I love two-week vacations.

Well, I guess I should try to put some stuff in the van so I don’t have to do it in the morning.

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