Not Packed Yet

It’s 8:30am. Didn’t get much sleep. I’m guessing it was the big, strong cup of coffee that I had around 8pm last night. I kept thinking about things I needed to pack.

Marie just got in the shower now. Was hoping to leave by 9am. Not sure if that will happen.

This morning, I packed a bunch of stuff. Went to CVS to pick up some meds for Marie. Went to Wawa to top off the gas tank and pick up three Shortie’s for lunch when we get to the train station. Still need to stop at the bank – they weren’t open yet. And we need to stop at an Apple store along the way to pick up an Apple bluetooth keyboard to make it easier for Marie to use her iPhone. I think there are like five Apple stores right by the train station.

I’m worried about how much stuff we plan on bringing on the train. I’m not sure how much room we’ll have, or what the rules are on how many carry-ons per person. It feels like we’re gonna have a lot of stuff, but it is a long train ride, and we have two little girls to entertain. Gonna be a long day!

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