Long Day

This morning, we got up early and did a walking pirate tour in downtown Charleston. If you Googled “Charleston Pirate”, the number one hit is probably the tour we took. It was a very cool tour. Aside from the historical stuff about specific pirates, some things I learned were that pirates never say “Aarrr”, pirates never made anybody “walk the plank”, and one reason pirates wore patches over one eye is so when they enter a dark area, they can move the patch to the other eye and be able to see immediately without having to wait for their vision to adjust.

After the tour, we walked to a restaurant recommended to us called Jestine’s Kitchen. Apparently, it was featured on TV with Rachael Ray and some other famous people. They have down home cooking. When I said to the waitress, “so, you’re famous for your meatloaf?” she responded “You should order whatever you love to eat but hate to cook.” I thought that was excellent advice. I ended up getting the meatloaf sandwich, which I thought was pretty good.

After lunch, we left for Virginia Beach, which is where we are right now. Was a long drive, but we’re here. We’re staying at a Red Roof Inn. It’s a bit lower-class than I’m used to, but then again, I don’t stay in many hotels outside of business trips. It was cheap, and reminds me of some scary movies. Hopefully the car is still here with all of its stuff in it when we wake up tomorrow, and that there aren’t any bugs that I need to worry about, too.

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