Home Again

Well, we finally made it home. This is my third two-week vacation, and I highly recommend it. A one week vacation definitely doesn’t cut it. Two weeks is pretty much perfect. At about day ten, you have just about forgotten what’s waiting for you at home.

Just when I expected to come home to a messy living room, I discovered that our friends who were watching our house cleaned up for us. How awesome is that?!

Last night, I took the girls to Movie Tavern to see Cars 2. It’s a pretty cool place where you order your pub grub meal at the concession counter, and they bring it out to your seat when the movie starts. The food was decent, and I took home a gigantic refillable stein. I had filled it with Movie Tavern Ale, which was very tasty. Unfortunately, I can’t drink that much beer (anymore), so if I ever fill it again, I’m going to need a partner to split it.

This morning we started our drive home. Nothing really all that exciting to report about it. I’ve unloaded the car, then went out and picked up two pizzas for dinner (one gluten-free with portobello, and a chicken-parm pizza for the girls and I).

After eating out for two weeks, I’m sure that I have put on all of the weight that I took off when I started dieting and exercising two years ago (about 45 pounds last year). Tomorrow I weigh in for the QVC Healthy Lifestyles checkup. I’m sure I won’t be happy, so it’s time to start back up on the diet and exercise plan again.

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