Early Start

We are going on vacation again. This time, we are going north to Maine. I can’t remember the last time I vacationed further north than New York. I am so excited!
While I believe that most people who go to Maine go to the shore, my timeshare came through on the western border in Jackman. I believe it’s about 20 miles from Canada. Our accommodations are a three-bedroom cabin that sleeps 10 at a place called Mountain View Resort. My parents and my brother’s family will be joining us out there. It’s going to be great!
We (and by we I mean I) decided to get an early start today. We meant to pack the car last night and get to bed early, but the kids did not cooperate. But the car is mostly packed. I’m up and ready to go. Marie is getting there. And with any luck, we will be on our way in under an hour.

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