The Katahdin

This morning, I got up around 6am, and I went for a bike ride. I rode in to town, and a little past it, and rode back. I’m going to guess that I rode about 6-8 miles round trip. It felt good to get out on the bike. I haven’t ridden in so long.
This afternoon, Mom and Dad wanted to go check out the shops at Greenville, Maine. The rest of us decided to go, too. Turns out there is a 3-hour boat tour on the boat “The Katahdin” that leaves from there, so we decided to go on it. It was really nice, despite the bad weather. Before the tour, there was a decent amount of rain, along with some thunder and lightening, and even a bit of hail. But it just about stopped when the tour began. During the tour, the kids got to go in the captain’s room and got to steer the boat, and I got to go down in the engine room to see the engine at work. The scenery was beautiful, but it seemed like a whole lot of the same thing: trees, mountains, water, some houses.
On the way home from Greenville, Mom and Dad spotted a moose, and even got pictures of it!
After dinner, Mike, Rachael and I went looking for Moose. We drove around, and even off-roaded a bit, but all we saw was one deer. Maybe tomorrow night.

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