Bald Mountain

Today, Mike and I went on a serious hike. We climbed 1800 feet to the summit of Bald Mountain. This was probably the hardest hike that I have ever been on. It was really neat. Along the hike, we saw a grouse, some frogs, and a snake. Unfortunately, there was a lot of clouds out, so it wasn’t entirely clear when we made it to the summit. But the pictures look pretty good.
On the way down, I took a couple of spills. The ground and trees were soaked. And some of the areas on the trail were very muddy. Those areas sometimes had long narrow trees that could be used to walk on. Unfortunately, I took a spill and landed flat on my butt in the middle of the mud. I think k saved my camera in that fall, but then I took another spill, and jammed my thumb really bad. And in that fall, the camera got more wet. It still works, but there is moisture in the view finder right now. Hopefully, that will clear out.
This evening, Rachael and I went looking for moose, but still no sightings.

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