I Hate New York (Traffic)

We are finally home. A four-hour-and-twenty minute drive took us nearly seven hours (with two stops). I’m exhausted.
This morning, I got up early and ventured off to Foxwoods. I figured since I was only 20 minutes away that I should check out the famous poker location. Unfortunately for me, the only games going were No Limit, and instead of waiting for a Limit game to start, I sat at a NL game. There is a reason why I want to stop playing NL. It’s because I suck at it. I lost a bunch of money in two hours, and I left a big loser. Oh well.
Back at the hotel, the family was about to head to the pool, so I got in my suit and joined them. The pool was very nice. (we stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites, which was very nice).
After we checked out, we went to Mystic Pizza for lunch. I was a little worried it was going to be a tourist trap, but I thought the pizza was very good.
I liked Mystic, and I hope we get the chance to come back and check out Mystic Seaport, and the Aquarium, as well as other things to do there. Unfortunately, we just didn’t have time to check anything out.
Our drive home was long. Very long. New York was beautiful to drive by on the way out, but was a nightmare on the way home.
I’m glad to be home again. Not too excited to go straight to work tomorrow; it would have been nice to have a day at home, but that’s okay. Going to go to bed early.

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