Crazy Day!

This was a crazy day, indeed! This morning, we started our voyage home. The plan was to leave early and head to the Lobster Fest in Rockland, Maine, check that out for a few hours, and then head to Mystic, Connecticut for the night. For the most part, that’s what we did. Except we had a two-hour delay while I stopped in the ER in Skowhegan. About 30 minutes into my drive, I felt a sight pain on the left side of my bladder, and soon after the pain became excruciating and traveled all the way to my back on my left side. I have never felt such pain in my life before. The pain didn’t go away. I tried stopping at a rest stop and using the bathroom, but no luck. I couldn’t make the pain stop. I started getting hot, a little dizzy, my fingers in both hands started to tingle, and I needed to get to a hospital. I set the GPS, but as the pain got worse, I wasn’t sure if I would make it that far. I had to travel about 25 miles to the nearest hospital. When I realized I was about 4 miles away, I decided to tough it out, which was really hard. I think I went through 3 red lights in town to try and make it to the hospital. Anyway, they hooked me up to an IV and after an x-ray, they told me I had a kidney stone! After some meds, I started feeling better, but I knew the pain wasn’t done yet.

Here’s a funny story. We left at the same time as my parents from Jackman, except they were going to visit friends in New Hampshire. When they set their GPS, it told them to go North; we were going South. So we went out separate ways. Marie called them to tell them I was in the hospital, and it turned out that they were in the same town as us having breakfast! Their GPS didn’t take into account that in order to go the route that it planned for them that they would need their passports to go in to Canada! Oops! So, they had to turn around, and go the same was as us. They were able to meet me at the hospital and make sure I was going to be okay. (Love you Mom & Dad!)

Anyway, we finally got out of the hospital, filled my scripts, and went on my way to the Lobster Festival. It was a painful drive while I waited for the drugs to kick in, but eventually they did.

The Lobster Fest was basically a small city carnival with rides, games of chance, and plenty of food, including lobster. And they had lobster-themed activities. The only one we really got to watch was the lobster crate race. For that, they took 50 lobster crates and strung them together in the water between two piers. People took turns attempting to run across them and back as many times as they could. I believe the record is something like 4,370 or something. Most people were getting less than 20, though. It was fun to watch the people try to run across.

Unfortunately, the weather was really rainy while we were there. It did let up enough for us to enjoy the afternoon enough, though. I’m glad we got to stop.

We’re now in Mystic, Connecticut. We checked in to our hotel. I think I may have passed my kidney stone! I guess I’ll find out how I feel tomorrow. I’m not taking any chances, though; I’m taking my meds tonight! Not sure what our plans are for tomorrow. Looks like there are tons of things to do, but we don’t want to be here all day – just the morning. So, I guess we’ll see what we have time for.

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