Homeward Bound

It’s almost 2pm in whatever timezone I’m in now, and we are now on our way home. The GPS says it is going to take 17.5 hours to get there. So, without stops, and assuming the speed limit, that puts us there at 7:30am. But, we will stop for gas at least twice, and we will stop for dinner and breakfast, and we won’t be driving the speed limit. I’m guessing we would arrive in Exton around 10:30am.
It hasn’t rained all week, but it’s starting to drizzle now. It’s been hot – mid-80’s, and breezy. At home, it’s mid-50’s. Quite a difference.
I haven’t seen my family in a week. I was able to call most nights, but the kids were mostly preoccupied with more important things than me. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole family tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, while I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed, I have one (two, including my night in the van) more night away from home. I’m meeting up with my family near Harrisburg for a church retreat with my wife’s great-grandparents’ church. So, I still have another day away from home.

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