Ok, well, not quite a tornado, but it’s definitely the windiest it has been all week, with winds blowing 20-30mph. Makes it very difficult to get any siding work done. Not only is it scary to be on a ladder, but dust is picking up all over and the long vinyl siding pieces are very difficult to manage in the wind. Buck and I were able to do a few areas outside while Giff and Curt blasted through the last of the painting. We have decided to call it a day. Actually, I guess we can call it a week. I think we will leave this house in good shape for the next crew that comes in. The paint on the walls looks great, and it will be exciting when they put in the flooring and other things. I am a bit concerned at the poor workmanship done on the outside of the house (before we arrived, of course). Hopefully, they will be able to address any problems that may show up before any water damage or anything. I have a feeling they will need a lot of caulk.





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