What Does “Partnership” Mean to You?

Journal -Think about what partnership means to you. How would you define partnership? Share your ideas; don’t just copy a dictionary definition. What were the best part and the hardest parts of your day today?

It was a beautiful day today, too beautiful to sit inside the barn with our dogs, but we did get the chance to practice some basic obedience skills and learn some more commands. McLean and I both had the chance to move and exercise a little bit, and he did a great job! He is a totally different dog when the harness is being used on him than when he is a “free” dog. Without the harness, he can pull me more, seeing as he is almost my weight. JDespite this issue, I cannot wait to bring McLean home with me on Friday. only 4 more days!

Our journal entry must discuss the best and worst parts of our day, but my whole day was pretty good. I think the best part of the day came after I came home. Showbo was laying in her bed, as usual, unaware of our entrance into the house. The whole family called her, and she finally came downstairs to greet us, excitedly, with a tail wagging. She has never wagged her tail with excitement until she experienced retirement, at which time she became separated from human beings. Anyway, I told her “good boy” a few times tonight, and I even called her by the name McLean. What is wrong with me?

As I previously mentioned above about having a pretty good day, overall, there is definitely one thing that is very frustrating for me. The haltee! I do not like the haltee! McLean knows it takes me forever to situate it and attempt to secure it around his little nose, but he just waits for me to finish and snap the buckle. His ear and his long fur, or hair, continuously gets stuck in the haltee strap that goes around his neck, and it eventually slides off his little nose. Now, I must start the process all over again. Yea! Hopefully, I will master this task sometime before these three weeks are done.

Now, I will write my own definition of a partnership. A partnership is between two people, or a person and a dog, whereby both parties commit to the well-being of each other. They support each other, and one’s weaknesses are countered by the other’s strengths. A partnership is a give and take relationship if it is to remain a partnership. Otherwise, it may result in one of the two always being very unhappy and miserable. The giving and the taking must be equally balanced for an awesome partnership to begin, continue and go to the end! Just as in business partnerships, trust must exist, on both sides of the partnership.

That is all for now, but I imagine I will be back tomorrow night. Good night!

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