How would a service dog improve or create obstacles on a vacation/trip?

Journal Using last night’s reading assignment for reference, in your journal reflect on your most recent vacation/trip. Write how your trip would have been improved by the addition of your service dog, and what obstacles you might have faced because you took your dog along. What are your questions or concerns following today’s training session?

We just finished our actual third day of training! The training days, and both my girls, make me so tired before I do my homework at night. Maybe I should do the homework in the morning? The only problem would be that I am not even close to being a morning person.

Ok, so I need to provide a support person each day during training for assistance, especially for me to use the restroom. If you do not know, I frequently use the restroom, having a bladder the size of a “mouse”, and I have even been told to create a blog of bathrooms when I travel. Ha, ha. McLean is still learning to take me to the port-a-potty, but he should know a command to “take me to the potty” which is a plumbing toilet to him. I will still probably have a support person later in the training, but McLean should know, and will know as hopefully I will know, to go directly to the port-a-potty on command. J

A service dog does create obstacles during vacations, but it also improves my independence as a person! A service dog cannot drive, yet, but it sure can take me places either on command or by memory. Hopefully, McLean remembers frequently visited locations and can get us both there safely and independently. I do not mind asking for directions when completely lost or confused, which makes it a good thing I am of the girl gender. J Once I have visited a common place of a restroom in any restaurant, I can go back again to the restroom without a human guide. My independence is now greater!

Obstacles, obstacles, obstacles. I guess the main one, which has happened, is taking the service dog to do its business while in an unfamiliar setting. I tried taking Showbo to the grass since we were staying in a time share on the first floor. Every condo looked the same, and Showbo took us back inside. a different place. I knocked on the unlocked door, and I totally did not recognize the person on the other side of the door. It was so embarrassing, at least for me! Showbo made a new friend, though! The other person did lead us back to the correct condo number, and Showbo did “follow” the strange person. So, I have have a fear of getting lost at times with the service dog in the dark, which makes this my biggest obstacle. Other obstacles include, but are not limited to, accessibility, super long airplane or train rides without designated bathroom areas, inability to get more of the specified dog food, etc. For your information, Showbo would rather not do her business at all than do it on anything other than grass. I wish I had a bladder that size!

My only concern, thus far, is dealing with McLean’s long fur! And he better not ever get sick!

Ok, I have a small quiz to do and reading to hear before I can go to bed, or listen to the Phillies. See you tomorrow.

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