One greatest thing that you would like to do or accomplish.

Journal Imagine that you do not have your current disability. What is the one greatest thing that you would like to do or accomplish? Reflect on whether your dog may be able to help you achieve this goal. Has your goal (homework 6/10) changed during the course of the training?

Wow! Today was a long and exhausting day! I took a nap, which was accidentally over 2 hours, when I came home. Again, wow! I am tired!

We went to Longwood Gardens and did a “go touch” to open the front door. It was an automatic push button to open the door, and McLean is too tall and adjusts to reach lower with his paw. We all finally entered the Gardens but then had to pay. Actually, our service dogs had to pay. I borrowed a little change for my dollar bills, and McLean did his “go pay” perfectly. This is one of the few commands that helps if the service dog is tall! We all proceeded to the courtyard, where we practiced steps and loading up the dogs onto the wall. McLean loaded up easily, and he only struggled a very little on the steps. He might have less trouble if I am using a handle on the right, or at least am familiar with the steps.

We also had to retrieve 3 things, before we could go to lunch,but one of the 3 things had to be metal. Ugh! McLean apparently does not like taking metal objects in his mouth. I do not think I would like metal objects in my mouth, either! Braces are bad enough. An expensive lunch followed all the retrieval drama for our dogs. Yea! Only 2:00pm.

McLean needed to get a metal object in his mouth, and give it to me, while we were waiting for our group for a group photo. He finally did it, against his will, and lots of treats were involved. Should he have a smaller dinner now? J He really did not want to pick up this small metal trinket thing. Ugh! I do have a suggestion for group photos, though. They should be taken at the beginning of the day before we are all hot, sweaty, tired and stressed looking. Yes, our dogs make us stressed!

Well, going back to my goal on June 10. I did not want to compare McLean to Showbo, and I wanted this whole experience to be a learning process for me and McLean. These goals have begun to come true. I do have Freudian slips of name or gender calling, but McLean is still a very obedient dog! Good job, Trainer Maria!

I am not permitted to do retrieval or service dog skills yet, which means we have only used basic dog commands, along with his feeding and potty schedules. McLean has been a great listener, stays with me everywhere and is a fun, cuddly dog. Showbo hated the “come” command with anyone, and everyone, but McLean actually comes to me with a wagging tail. He is so sweet!

His potty schedule has matched my potty schedule. Well, almost! He pees a lot, and I should probably take him to the grass a few times a day. As we were told, I should probably let him do his thing everytime I do my thing. J Never going to happen, since I do my thing many, many, many times a day! His morning and evening routines are compatible with my sleeping habits, though. Go, McLean!

Lastly, his feeding schedule. He and Showbo are eating at the same time but still eat 2 different foods, and definitely 2 different paces! Showbo eats like such a girl, while McLean eats a little faster. McLean, being the gentleman that he is, has to wait for me to feed Showbo. I can tell he wants to eat, but he patiently waits for his food and turn in line to eat. He finishes eating first, even though he starts last and also gets more food. More food for a large dude!

Ok, I am still very tired, after a long nap, and am thankful for no reading tonight! Good night.

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