Comparisons to CPL, questions about CPL, and positive and challenging experience this week.

Journal Compare the programs reviewed in Chapter Three to Canine Partners for Life. After reading this chapter, what questions do you have regarding the CPL program and how it operates? What challenges and positive experiences have you had this week with your dog?

Oh, boy! I forgot to answer the question yesterday about using a service to overcome a challenge caused by my disability. My biggest obstacle caused by my disability is actually a combination of my blindness and bladder issues, both caused by my MS. Needing to use the bathroom A LOT, I cannot see to find it. Showbo excelled at the task of taking me to a bathroom, and I will continue to teach McLean to do the same until he has mastered the concept!

Now to today’s journal writing! I enjoyed todays obedience, service skills and even lecture. McLean continues to do a great job with the obedience skills, but he is continuing to struggle with just 1 service skill.. Taking metal! I, again I say, would never want to have anything metal in my mouth, but it is a necessity for our dogs to take metal, hold it, and give it to us. Sorry, McLean, and all the other service dogs! Metal will be our challenge and will probably continue after team training!

I so need to work on my tardiness to training!!! I needed to pass a denial test again this morning, but I really am working to be on time. Did I mention I am not a morning person? And, being on time is not a phrase in my vocabulary! At least not yet.

The ADA is very lenient with its rules and guidelines, with very little, or loose restrictions. The animals that become “working” animals apparently have rights the same as our well-trained dogs, which corrupts the whole system by taking advantage of it.There are also animal activists taking animal rights to the extreme by protecting them and not wanting any animal to have an official owner. I guess Chic-Fil-A is semi-part of the PETA group, because it has a motto of eating more chicken. The cows do not want to die, but it is ok if the chickens get eaten. J

CPL seems to care more about the recipients and their own trained dogs, and CPL has future concerns and requirements assuring both the recipients and dogs continue a partnership. Thank you to CPL! First, I absolutely love that cats are everywhere, and anywhere, to expose the dogs to them, as well as CPL giving the dogs some exposure to every other small critter that would interest a dog. I also am thankful CPL, like the Kansas service dog school, exposes the dogs to people with various challenges to orient the dogs and train them accordingly. Unfortunately, not all dogs meet passing requirements!

I only have 2 questions for CPL worth mentioning, which are the following. First, how many dogs has CPL graduated? And second, What makes a dog a working companion dog instead of a service dog? If I get the answers to these questions, I will write about them tomorrow.

I think my journal entry is long enough now, and I am tired! I am even more tired now than when I started this journal thing. So many things to do, including CPL stuff, and so little time to accomplish them all. I have dicided no more physical therapy until team training is done, because it will get worse, if that is possible. J

Good night for now.

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