off day June 24, and 22 continued

I did not finish writing about my exciting day on Friday, because the mall and Petco trips made me exhausted. Even though we had no ttraining today, June 24, I used the free day to catch-up on housework. I also had the chance to semi-rest, as well as spend time with my little girls! Laundry was pretty large, too. J

Friday morning McLean had an upset stomach, maybe from the heat, and he had his first incident with diarrhea. Yuck, yuck, yuck! He also got sick orally twice while we were outside, and I brought him back inside when he seemed finished. He wanted nothing to do with his breakfast, but Showbo wanted his breakfast. Sorry, Showbo, it goes back in his dog food bag for another meal! J

Anyway, at the mall all the teams had to use door handles to open the inside and outside doors of the front of the mall, and then we eventually went in small groups to the elevator. McLean did a great job with both skills, but he cannot read. It was between these skills when I had to use the bathroom. Who decided to put the restrooms directly beside each other, separated only by going left or right? Well, McLean found us a toilet just fine, but he chose to take me to the men’s room. He might be a man, but I, the one using the toilet, am a woman. J

McLean surprised me when we were at lunch. We needed to do a food refusal, and I used a Chic-Fil-A French fry. He looked immediately but went back to “sleep” when he heard the “leave it” command. I said this firmly, too! I love Chic-Fil-A French fries and could never resist them. Go, McLean!

The best part of the day came in the evening when it came to carrying an item upstairs for me. Showbo still has an instinct to work, and McLean still needs to register commands faster to his brain. He took the item, held it but went upstairs without it. Showbo was right there watching and immediately did McLean’s job for him. Typical big sister syndrome! However, I tried again upstairs with McLean. He only had to carry the item down the hallway and give it to me. The same thing happened between the 2 dogs as happened downstairs with carrying the item up the stairs. Twice Showbo only gave McLean 1 chance and then did it herself. Thank you, Showbo! I then held back Showbo and persisted that McLean take it, hold it and hold it and hold it while he brought it to me. He managed this for a short distance,but short distances are better than nothing. We need to all take baby steps to our long-term destinations. J

Ok, I think that concludes enough extras from Friday.

My girls are asleep, and I have to put the last load of laundry into the dryer and go to bed. Talk to you tomorrow.

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