The day from McLean’s point of view.

Journal Write about the day from your dog’s point of view.

This morning was “rough” for me, and my Mommy. We had the chance to get some extra sleep, but I really wanted to stay home! Mommy took me outside and then gave me breakfast, but Showbo wanted to join us for both. I wish she would leave Mommy alone! The little people were getting ready the same time as us, and things got crazy. The bigger little person, named Domino, was not a good listener. I might have bathroom accidents in the house, but I think of myself as a better listener than this little girl. Well, Mommy harnessed me, and eventually we started on our trip. I had to wait in a laying position until these people read stuff, and then I finally had a break to go outside. It was nice to relieve my new urge to poop. J

After Mommy peed, of course, we all went back into the big building, and we were gonna play a game, I think. The people were putting tiny carpets onto the floor in a circle, like the size of 1 x 1 each, and expected us dogs to sit on one. My bottom is not that small! Then a lady turned on some fun music, but we were expected to walk in a circle. Really, walking in circles? We had to stop when the music stopped and sit on a carpet. A carpet was directly behind my paw, and I was not permitted to sit there. Weird! For some reason, thankfully, Mommy and I did not have to walk in the circle anymore.

Now, Mommy peed again.

I then had to wait under a table while these people were eating some yummy food. I was hoping the small little girl,named Carolena, would drop something for me to eat. Nope!

Mommy peed again.

Mommy and Daddy now wanted me to do all these service skills for them, but all the other dogs were doingother service skills. That was something different. We always had to be like each other in the past, for the most part. The people then took us into a circle, and I had the chance, again, to lay down. Doing all those service skills made me tired! After while Mommy and Daddy wanted me to do these same service skills again, but why? I was confused, and it felt monotonous. I really did not want to do my skills again, especially with everybody now watching only me. How weird!

After Mommy peed again, we got to go home. Yea!

I accompanied Mommy and Daddy and the 2 little girls somewhere within a walking distance. Poor Showbo stayed home, though. Mommy tied me to an umbrella post, and then she left me. What was she doing, and where was she going?Oh, she went into this thing of water, along with Daddy and the 2 girls, and I think she was having fun. She came back to me after a little bit, but I did become a little stressed during this scenario. My body finally caught up with me at 4:30am, when Mommy awoke me for her to go potty. I really tried waiting to go outside, but she was slow. I got near the front door, and it just exploded out my bottom. Sorry, Mommy! We did go outside, though, and I finished what I started inside and threw up twice. I did not feel well. Ugh! Ok, going back to sleep. Good night.

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