Wonderful Day

This morning, Mike left early to go volunteer for Tough Mudder. He’s there all day, so today was just my Dad and I.
After Dad coked up some breakfast, we went out for a walk to see some of the insides of some of the casinos. We stopped in the Bellagio and Caesar’s, and then we went to the Half-Price Tickets place and picked up tickets for two afternoon shows.
We walked back to the room to drop off my camera and so Dad could change to sneakers, then we went to Blondie’s for lunch. Lunch was very tasty, but it took a while to get the bill. The show started at 1pm, and it was now 12:40. We had to walk very fast to make it to the show on time. We ended up getting there with one minute to spare.
The 1pm show that we went to see what Mac King’s Comedy Magic show, and it was fantastic. We really enjoyed it!
After the show, we had about an hour to kill before the next show, so I went looking for a poker game to kill time. I ended up finding one at Flamingo. It was a $2-4 Limit game. My first hand, I was dealt ace jack offsuit, and I flopped top two pair. I had one person call me down, and ended up winning about $30. I ended up folding the rest of the hands around the table, and walked away ahead $29.
The 4PM show we went to was Jeff Civillico. He is a comedian and juggler. He was fantastic. Such a fun show to watch!
After the show, we decided to get w bit to eat at Guy Fieri’s place, and let me tell you,nit didn’t disappoint. Dad and I split some chili cheese fries, which was gigantic, and we also split some wings. The food was delicious. However, even though I was full, I couldn’t resist ordering the S’mores Monte Cristo. Let me tell you something – it was worth every calorie. Holy moly that was amazing.
After dinner, we took a nice walk back to the hotel. Along the way, we saw a few street performers, as well as some very interesting other people. Never a dull moment walking down the strip.

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