Pinball Wizard

This morning we took care of our souvenir shopping and then headed to The Pinball Hall of Fame. Mike is a huge fan of pinball, and I knew he would love it. Of course, they had the Adam’s Family pinball game, which is his favorite. Two other games that we really enjoyed were a Bally’s Who Dunnit game, which you had to solve a murder by getting clues and interrogating suspects. The other one was an extremely limited edition Pinball Circus game. This game was not as long as most pinball games,but had multiple heights to play at. It actually never made it into production because the additional cost didn’t bring in any more money in its prototype phase. It’s too bad, because the game was really good.
After pinball, we ate at a fancy restaurant across from Bellagio called Mon Ami Gabi. Food was delicious and we got to sit outside and watch the fountains while we ate.
After we ate, we tested a bit at the hotel, and then headed down to Freemont Street. That was really cool. Lots of lights, street performers, live music, and more. We got to see the largest nugget of gold at the Golden Nugget, and we got to see the home of the World Series of Poker at Binion’s. I’m glad we were able to get down there during our trip.

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