Monday, we noticed we had a lot of beer left in the fridge. Knowing we can’t take it home, we decided to play a couple of games of beer pong before we left for lunch. We had a lot of fun throwing chairs in each others way and jumping over the couch running after rebounds. Mike was impressively competitive.
We went to BurGR for lunch. That’s Gordon Ramsey’s joint in Planet Hollywood. The food was fantastic. We got onion rings, sweet potato fries, burgers, and shakes. After we ate, we managed to get our picture taken with Hell’s Kitchen winner Christine from Philadelphia!
After lunch, we walked to the half price ticket place and decided to get tickets to Zoomanity – the sensual side of Cirque de Sole. I don’t know why I chose that show. I didn’t know what I was thinking. I’ll share about it later.
From there, Mike and I had been planning to jump off of the Stratosphere as part of this vacation, so we decided to huff it down to there. We didn’t realize how long of a walk it really was. Wow. On the way, we stopped at Circus Circus and managed to catch a juggling act, which was very good. Then we got back to walking to the Stratosphere. We finally arrived, and Dad felt he could take better pictures of us from across the street, so we left him there while we went in. It took us a little while before we could get our turn, and we checked in with Dad every so often. We watched as people came down – they seemed very excited after they landed. When it was our turn, they made us empty all of our pockets, so I called Dad for the last time, and put everything in a locker. Mike and I suited up, and went up the elevator. I wanted Mike to jump first, because when we went skydiving, I jumped first there. I thought that was only fair. I watched as Mike approached the ledge and jumped off. Pretty awesome!
I was actually a little more nervous about this than I was when I went skydiving. For that, it went so fast with the instructors and everything, I didn’t have time to think. For this, I had plenty of time to think. And since this was solo and not tandem, that added a bit more fear.
After I was all tethered up and ready to jump, I was led to the platform and told to hold on to the rails on the one side. I have to admit, my legs were a little jello-y. After connecting the final strap, they told me to move my left hand to the other side and put my toes across the ledge. That was freaky. Really freaky. And then 3 2 1 jump!
The first part of the jump was great, and then I could tell it was slowing me down, and the rest of the way of the 18 second jump I was able to look around and see the city. It was a pretty cool experience. Not sure it was worth $120, but cool nonetheless.
When I landed, I saw that Mike was able to quickly grab his cell phone and video my jump from the ground. How cool! I’m sorry that I couldn’t have done the same for him, but we did get a pic of us in our jumpsuits together, as well as certificates that said we jumped.
We met up with Dad, who was supposed to take pictures from across the street, but he didn’t realize that I needed to leave my phone behind, and didn’t know when our jump was, so he didn’t take any pics. Oh well.
By now, it was around 5:15pm, so we grabbed a cab to New York New York where Zoomanity was showing. We got our assigned tickets, grabbed a beer (Dad got an Irish Coffee), and then headed to our seats.
The show itself was okay. I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more had Marie been with me instead of my brother and my Dad. The point of the show was to get people horny, which didn’t happen for me. Most of the acts were good, but some of them were things I have seen before and I wasn’t all that impressed with, even if they were doing many of the acts topless. Some of the best things in the show had to do with how the audience members were interacted with. One of the funniest parts was at the very end of the show when the main lady asked an older gentleman what he was going to do after the show… He said “gamble.” She asked “then what?” He responded “drink.” Overall, I wouldn’t recommend the show. Especially as a Christian. Again, I don’t know what I was thinking even choosing that show to begin with. Oh well.
On our way back from the show, we stopped at some taco place for a bit to eat. After that, I was zonked, and pretty much passed out when I got back to the room.

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