Final Work Day

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Today was much like the other work days. One team went to go do food distribution while the rest of us went to the place we have been working at this week. At the orphanage, one team finished painting the blue building. Another team finished painting the tin roof red. Throughout the day, as orphans were able to come out to play, our kids went and played various games with them. Tag, soccer, and other things. After getting the painting done, another team went and assembled a plastic shed.

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At the end of the work day today, some of the adults who work at the orphanage challenged us to a game of volleyball. We accepted the challenge, and gladly let them beat us. Just kidding – they kicked our butts. It was embarrassing. At one point during the game, they asked if we wanted to mix the teams up so it would be more even. We declined, hoping to get our act together. Eventually we put up a fight, but nothing compared to their team. Oh well.

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During the volleyball game, some of our team went and played soccer with the kids. I’m sure they had a great time, too.

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After games, the orphans presented each of us with some homemade cards, as well as a small present, which included some homemade souveniers such as bookmarks, Guatemalan pens (pens with a weaved casing aroudn them that had words spelled out in them such as Jesus Loves Me or Guatemala), necklaces and bracelets. It was all really nice. After the gift exchange, they prayed for us, and we prayed for them and we took a big team photo. Everybody was so appreciative of us, and we all exchanged hugs and high-fives on our way out.


We got a whole lot done for three full works days. In addition to painting the exterior of three whole buildings, painting the roof of I think two buildings, replacing a roof, and building a shed, we delivered food to nine orphanages, and spent several hours bonding with many kids who have had extremely difficult lives thus far, and likely for years to come.

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