Chicken BBQ

While we got to sleep in a little bit today, it was still a very full, long day of activity. After breakfast, we went to an orphanage to spend time with the kids there. There were mostly girls there, but there were a couple of boys there, too. The orphanage cares for 25 children from age newborn all the way up to 18. And it doesn’t get any more newborn than the kid born about 20 days ago to a 13-year old girl. And there was a 12-year old girl who was 6 months pregnant.

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The kids here have been sexually abused, raped, neglected and left behind. Parents are allowed to visit, but they don’t bother. The orphanage itself was very nice, and the kids seem well taken care of. We ended up spending the morning with the kids, kicking a soccer ball around with the boys, painting nails with the girls, and doing puzzles with everybody. The kids were happy to get some interaction from people with new faces who were willing to show them some of God’s love. We knew before hand that we were going to visit this home, and we had received names and shoe sizes for each of the kids, so we brought shoes for all of the kids that were staying there.

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During the ride from this orphanage to the next one, I got some rather tough questions from Domino about girls so young having babies. Very serious topic. Scary. I hope she understands, and I pray that she stays safe and never has to go through such trauma.

At the next orphanage, ORI used funds that we had donated to throw a big chicken barbeque lunch for about a hundred kids that live there. We served all of the kids cups of sodas and plates of chicken and french fries. The kids really enjoyed their meal. I believe that normally, they would be eating a plate of rice and beans.

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Domino and I had brought a pack of fifty matchbox cars for the orphans. When they saw them, they all got very excited. Domino and I tore open the box and tried to let the kids pick out a car in some kind of orderly fashion, but it was a bit crazy. They seemed to love playing with them.

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This orphanage was broken up into two sides for housing; the boys side was super hero themed, and there were super heroes painted on many of the walls, and much of the bedding had super hero stuff on them, too.

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The girls side was princess themed. Their house looked like a castle, an there were Disney princesses on the walls. Everything looked very nice.

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At this orphanage, there was a fenced off area that had two basketball hoops and two soccer nets. We had brought some soccer balls to give to the orphans. It didn’t take long for a game to start. I was very impressed that Domino was the first to join in on the game, and even more impressed that she jumped in the role of goalie. Fortunately, the kids playing were playing with a lot of skill and finessed the ball into the net instead of kicking it very hard at Domino. Don’t get me wrong – Domino did fine as a goalie in a friendly game. But I’m sure that if she were to need to block a bullet, she wouldn’t be playing much after that. Anyway, a bunch of us got on the soccer court, and we ended up playing five on five. When a team scored, the other team left the court and a new team came on. Our MCCC players couldn’t really compete with the kids, but we put up a fight. We believe that we probably lost 80% of the time. I impressed myself by actually scoring a goal, but for the most part, I was very uncoordinated. Soccer was never my game, and it was quite the workout for me.

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The orphanage had a church on site, and in there, there were two marimbas. They’re like xylophones. I was very impressed to hear five boys put on a concert for us. They sounded great, and they have only started learning how to play one year ago.

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Eventually, it was time for us to say adios to the kids. We headed home for dinner. The kids played manhunt again (they’ve been playing every night). I played some card games, and now it’s time for bed. Tomorrow is Sunday, and will be our last day here. The week went pretty fast.

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